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Andy Rich is the President and Principal researcher for Element 6, he is also the _wsb_149x156_Andy+Rich-2Chair Elect of the Society of Plastics Engineers Composites Division.  He most recently was a senior R&D Engineer at Plasan Carbon Composites. Andy has been making automotive composite parts since the late 1980s. He has been a prototyper, moldmaker, and has performed research on numerous composites manufacturing processes. He has worked for Solectria, Elva, Consulier, Mazda, Daewoo,  DaimlerChrysler, and Plasan Carbon Composites.


While at DaimlerChrysler, he worked closely with USCAR’s Automotive Composites Consortium (ACC), becoming chair of the Processing Committee and writing the Research Plan for the B-Pillar Project. He has also worked for 2 carbon nanotube companies – Hyperion Catalysis and Nanocyl – and received 2 patents for the dispersion of and use of carbon Nanotubes in carbon epoxy composites. As part of his research work at Plasan, Andy has developed studies of the resin transfer molding (RTM) process using several resin systems, braided impact beams, non-destructive testing, and has set up the company’s materials lab for internal evaluations. Andy holds an MBA and a Masters Degree in Manufacturing Engineering, both from Boston University.


His experience couples strong industrial research and practical manufacturing experience to help you recognize the practical aspects in the development of commercially viable products. Andy  and his team can bring this balanced skill set to address your needs.


We provide engineering, and good business sense, combined.


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