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Most of the work we do today is strictly confidential, and so therefore, it has taken some time to put this section together. In order to post any examples of our work, the customer has had to agree to making it public, and that takes time, and/or the right circumstances. Aside from the confidential work, we have made several presentations at conferences, which can be made available to the public, and in certain cases, the customer wants the research to be made public, once it has been published elsewhere.

However, as part of a new program to develop a course for CAD designers on How to Design for Composites, we are proud to introduce the Design Guideline. The Powerpoint will be first introduced at the Transportation Weight Loss Diet Conference in Stuttgart, Germany in June of 2013. Here is the extended version of the presentation with extra material not included in the official talk: COMPOSITE DESIGN GUIDELINE PRESENTATION

The paper that accompanies this Powerpoint can be read here:


ACMA Presentation

The 2012 ACMA presentation, Developments in RTM for the Auto Industry

SPE ACCE White paper- Effects of Innegra on Carbon Fiber Properties

This paper was derived from data collected for another study, but it shows how a relatively unknown new thermoplastic fiber can have very interesting effects on properties. The paper was presented at the SPE Automotive composites Conference in September of 2012. After that presentation, we will also have the presentation file, but for now, here is the SPE paper:

Innegra White Paper
Microsoft Power Point presentation [2.9 MB]
Developments in RTM for the Auto Industry
Adobe Acrobat document [2.1 MB]
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