Element 6 Consulting is now the North American Distributor for Silicone Composites

Silicone Composites Ltd has over 20 years of experience in the ‘closed mold’ composite industry with specialist knowledge of LRTM, and RTM as well as ‘open molding’ techniques. We have identified the need for a more efficient, less labor intensive closed molding process which can keep consumable waste to a minimum and we are confident that our solution out-performs all competitors in the market.

Our SC2 1:1 and S-2 Mini, and the 3-component SC-4 Silicone Spray machines are manufactured in the UK. Featuring ergonomic design and the highest quality components they are the best engineered and most user-friendly machines currently available. The equipment is supported by a 2 year warranty and is fully CE marked.

At our company, we carry unique products from local designers at affordable prices. We promise you will be pleased with the high quality of our items, each one is made with great care and a strong attention to detail.

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As well as silicone spray equipment, we also have a unique range of mold building ancillaries including resin runners, seal fillets and various other products enabling you to efficiently build high quality molds. Our ancillaries are also designed to be compatible with the Ciject® range of resin injection equipment, but others may be used as well.

We also provide a service producing reusable silicone vacuum bags for our customers, either in-house or on-site. Our team provides full technical assistance in all aspects of the production process with a hands on approach to training.

We have access to a large network of well-established composite suppliers and engineers as well.


The process involves spraying a two-part silicone to form a “B” face silicone bag. When finished, the bag is held in place by vacuum and resin is introduced either by a simple pour method or by an infusion point which can be assisted by low pressure pump of 1 bar or less. The bag has an elasticity of over 600% and parts of variable thicknesses can be produced from a single “A” mold. This is useful in prototyping and also where parts have variations of cores such as foam for a standard “A” face.


1.       Reduced tooling costs

2.       Reduced emissions

3.       Cleaner environment

4.       Lower resin usage

5.       Use the same materials

6.       Fiber loadings up to 60%

7.       Improved productivity

8.       Reduced waste

9.       Operates at high temperatures

10.   Self cleaning

11.   Able to produce negative draft parts

RSB’s reduce one-time consumables in standard infusion and greatly reduce cycle times by eliminating infusion bag set up.  RSB’s are also used successfully for de-bulking and curing of pre-preg epoxy parts.

The Machine

Silicone Composites’ development and innovation in silicone spray equipment and ancillary parts surpasses all previous spray bagging techniques. The new S-2 Mini machine is the most recent development in silicone spray technology. It has been designed and tested to be highly user friendly, eliminate waste, to be small and versatile and transportable. Designed and manufactured in the UK the S-2 Mini is exported worldwide and will join with the 3-component SC4 as the part of a line of the best machines in this emerging technology.

The SC4 is the only silicone spray machine with a third component which can be added when needed.  Mainly, this is used for a thixotropic agent added in at 2% so that the machine can also put out a very thick bead of silicone that can be used to build wall thickness, for intensifiers, and vacuum channel edges. 

The SC3 machine is almost identical to the SC4, but without the third component capability.

Innovation in machine technology and design has also been applied to the ancillary range with unique practical solutions for bag construction, improving integrity, vesatility and speed of manufacture. All equipment and inserts are high temperature resistant with simple yet effective new designs to make bags clean and secure.


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